Evey's Discord module


What is this?

Evey is the name I originally gave to my Discord bot because I thought it sounded cool. The scope of the project has changed significantly from the first iteration of her Discord code that I wrote.

What is the purpose of this project?

This project originally started out as a simple Discord bot with a bit of personality. Since then though I have been having more and more ideas for stuff to add/integrate. The end-goal is to have a full 'suite' of chatbot-related stuff that people can use.

We are currently up to 5 planned distinct modules that will add various functionality. See the Roadmap for more information on the modules and their status.

Why not use an already existing solution?

Short version: I didn't like what was already out there. They either did not have the possibility for me to add much onto them or were quite bulky for what I wanted.

What are the current features?

See the Feature List / Roadmap for info.

This seems neat, is there a download?

Currently not. I am still not sure if I will fully release the suite for stand-alone use for individuals. I do plan to have some form of release for large communities (like TruckersFM) that want to host it themselves, however when such a release is made the choice to release it will be made on a case-by-case basis.

You can, however, invite Evey to your Discord server. Check inviting Evey to your server for instructions on how to get Evey to join your server.