1. 01 May, 2021 1 commit
  2. 30 Apr, 2021 2 commits
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      Final adjustments to Evey's Data models · f5ae43d5
      Lizzy authored
      Added an ABC to prevent some duplicate code entries. Currently this is the 'added' and 'edited' DateTimeFields for models which need it. This will allow for a background cleanup task (implementation pending) to remove old entries that are no-longer relevant.
      Set 'related_name' attribute on some ForeignKey entries to '+' (Tell's Django to not create reverse references) where there is multiple references to the same data model (like DiscordUser for Warnings, etc). See https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/3.2/ref/models/fields/#django.db.models.ForeignKey.related_name for more info
      Added db_index definitions to a few fields, namely where the guild is referenced, since when Evey is doing lookups she's most likely going to be doing it on a per-guild basis.
      EmojiRoleReact: Changed up the way this interacts. Instead of only allowing a guild to have 1 message for role reactions, she can now have any number of messages. The current uniqueness is tied to the role object, the message ID and emoji ID, though with the role field being a OneToOne reference, there can only be one message in the guild for a given role.
      DiscordGuild: Added validators for the prefix. this currently doesn't check for duplicates
      Also included is the initial migration file.
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      Adjustments to some models and clarification on some decisions made in · 261fc979
      Lizzy authored
      previous commit
  3. 28 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      Re-work of data models · 79f4a969
      Lizzy authored
      Removed old migration file as it was never used and the model rework
      made it invalid.
      There's still some work to be done regarding tidying up the fields and
      adding defaults to most of the fields
  4. 21 Mar, 2021 3 commits
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      Channels and Redis cache addition · 284285ab
      Lizzy authored
      Channels lib will allow for websocket connections and back-end async processing. Websockets (for now) are only destined to be used by Evey's discord and Twitch presences, though there might be web panel features that allow it's use in future.
      Redis cache has been added mainly because channels will use it as a layer backend (the "InMemoryChannelLayer" is per-process, which is fine in development but in actual deployment the web panel will have multiple processes). Redis has also been added as the cache for Django since it was already there and can also allow for Evey's Discord/Twitch presences to grab cache values straight from redis instead of having to ask the webserver for it.
      Django Rest Framework adjusted order in INSTALLED_APPS variable
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      Model addition and changes, also initial migration file · 74cb61f7
      Lizzy authored
      Added here are the TwitchStreamNotification and LoggingEvents models
      These will allow Evey's discord module to store and retrieve the locations of where she needs to post stream notifications as well as the message if a stream is in progress. LoggingEvents will allow server admins to fine-tune what they want Evey to report.
      Also added max_length fields to a few of the fields of existing models
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      Decouple settings out of source-code · 4b84ccad
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      Settings will go in `settings.ini` (which is also added to the ignore file
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